Status Upgrade

‘Excuse me stewardess, my Blue Nun needs chilling’

There was a time, not so long ago, when flying was fun. In fact, you didn’t need Platinum status to get a complimentary drink – you were already special. There were rarely any queues at the check-in counter and the only security check you encountered was a cursory glance at your boarding pass.

Back in the seventies the world still seemed like a big place….a plane leaving from Sydney would need to land and re-fuel 3 times before it arrived in London. The cabin crew seemed genuinely pleased to see you, the Captain meant it when he welcomed you onboard and the customs officer at the other end met you with a smile when you arrived.

In 1975 a carbon footprint was something you drew with a lead pencil. Back then we didn’t worry about deep vein thrombosis, terrorist hijackings or flight computer malfunctions. We would relax in spacious seats, sip quietly on a glass of Blue Nun Riesling, light up another Dunhill and feel secure in the knowledge that our pilot was probably a veteran ex-fighter pilot, the stewardess was beautiful and the duty free was a genuine bargin.


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