Lost in Spaces


Stranger Danger

Lost in Space represented the values and ideals of 1960s America. However, in hindsight, there are two anomalies that remain incongruent to the morals of middle-class mid-western society. Why is Maureen Robinson (played by June Lockhart) so much older than her husband Dr John Robinson (Guy Williams) – I initially suspected that she was his mother. And, why is the asexual Dr Zachary Smith (Jonathan Harris) vilified for demonstrating perhaps the most human of traits under such extraordinary conditions?

Spiralling costs and declining ratings were blamed for the cancellation of the show, but you’ve got to wonder where the money went. It certainly wasn’t spent on special effects, costumes or mediation.  Dr Zachary Smith and the robot (Bob May – the man inside the Robot) had started out as friends to begin with – but, by the time the series eventually ended the older actor would not let the younger actor into his dressing room – no doubt a case of Stranger Danger! Danger!


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