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Pin-up girl

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Oh dear!  She seems to have caught her dress.  Thank goodness she’s wearing appropriate under-garments.  Elvgren have been aiming to please stocking wearing, shuttle-deck game, enthusiasts and voyeurs with their range of ‘playful’ advertisements since the 1960s…


Just shut up and drive

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Doof, Doof, Doof

What did bad girls do in the 1960s?  Smoke cigarettes and drive really fast.  She’s probably called Mary, Linda or Barbara (they were the most popular girl’s names in the 1940s).  She may look really hot, pouting, behind the wheel of a sports car in 1962, but sadly in 2009 she’s more than likely to be a slightly overweight, divorced, volunteer canteen assistant living in a bedsit on the fringe of the London Home Counties… should see the state of her ex-husband!

Femme Fatale

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Dressed to Kill

The Femme Fatale of the 1960s was cool, seductive and sexual.  Her charms ensnared her lovers in bonds of irresistible desire – often leading them into compromising and dangerous situations. 

She drove them to the point of obsession and exhaustion so that they were incapable of making rational decisions. 

She was an agent provocateur.  An agent or spy, who was working undercover to entice an illegal, illicit or irrational act. 

Her sexual allure was matched only by her deadly intent…

Price check

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Mop and bucket to ailse 3

Obviously, the lady doesn’t know that she’s standing in a crowded supermarket in just her underwear.  There is only one thing worse than a wedgie when your melons are being bagged – and that is having to queue up behind a senile, half-dressed, old woman at the checkout counter.

Are your macleans showing?

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

How many people actually purchased the Vibra-Finger for oral hygiene?  If I found one in a bathroom cabinet I don’t think I’d be putting it in my mouth. 

The manufacturers of the Vibra-Finger boast that the ‘novel design allows localized massage in needed areas!’ – mind you, I’m sure that it wouldn’t be the first time someone has used an electric oral hygiene product to achieve ‘guaranteed satisfaction’.

Bad reception

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Okay.  The idea seemed good at the time, but it was never going to work.  These TV Glasses from 1963 look even more dorky than an old pair of Walkman headphones.

All that effort to watch re-runs of I Love Lucy

The portable Finnish sauna

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The Finnish 'Dutch Oven'

After a long hard day in the office there’s nothing more refreshing than squeezing myself into an over-sized vinyl beanbag full of hot moist air.  The portable Finnish sauna, invented in 1962, must have been an absolute treat to clean out after a big session in the bag!  What on earth were they thinking?