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Cluster Flock

Posted in 1980s with tags , , , , , , , on December 3, 2009 by Token Effort

Hairdressers of Musicians?

Aaahh!  Yes, music in the 1980s did sound how it looked.  This is a Flock of Seagulls.  They’re a band, not a gathering of hairdressers at a ‘crimp and tease’ seminar.  Musicians in the 1980s were distant and aloof.  They lounged around in up-turned collars and baggy high-pants, carelessly flicking tinted hair from their brows…..I can almost hear the conceited, phased, whine of the DX synth from here.


Fashion clangers

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Three Men and a Mannequin

Male fashion catalogue models aren’t what they used to be!  Is that a mannequin on the left?  He looks a little stilted in his delivery. 

The only professional amongst the four of them seems to be the guy with the crease ironed into his jeans giving us a bit of ‘blue steel’…..he’s pitching that ensemble like he means it.

If you want to look like a freshly upholstered sofa – then go no further than h.i.s for all your fashion accessories.

Fashion Bad Boy

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Yeah Baby!

In 1973 you could always tell the character of a man by the height of his waistband and the flap of his flares.  For a fleeting moment in time the tablecloth and matching curtains look was IN BABY!  Yeah!  No one was going to mess with this fashion bad boy. 

Back in 1973 there wasn’t a single crotch sagging, Calvin Klein labelled, boxer short in sight.  You wore them tight.  You wore them high….and you wore them proud.  This guy is taking you to Funky Town man.