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The Groovy Office

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Carry On Up The Corridor

The 1970s office was swinging.  You were the man if you had a chocolate brown suit and mutton chops.  That girl on the right is called a ‘secretary’.  An executive needed a secretary back in the seventies because someone had to be there to light his cigarettes, make the tea and laugh politely at his innuendo.  In the 1970s secretaries would use a typewriter – if they weren’t taking shorthand or dictation (how they laughed!).


Skirting the real issues

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The creation of a new genre in fetish

Men always notice a girl in a mini skirt. It is London designer Mary Quant is accredited with inventing the mini skirt in the 1965. The very next day the world was introduced to upskirt photography and a new genre of fetish. The ‘Chelsea Look’ as it was referred to was so popular because you had to be young to wear a mini skirt, and as contemporary attitudes evolved in the Swinging Sixties so did the hemline of the mini skirt. It wasn’t long before the micro mini made an appearance in 1967 – be it brief.